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Devon announces updates and the new PDF2RTFService

DEVONtechnologies today announced updates for its freeware file find application EasyFind, the Mac OS X services HotService and WordService, and launches a brand-new filter service, PDF2RTFService. EasyFind 3.4.1 displays the results with striped background for better readability and fixes some bugs, and WordService 2.6 adds support for styled text as well as new and revised commands for stripping attachments and links from rich text and for reformatting oddly formatted text. The new PDF2RTFService 1.0 allows all Cocoa applications that can read RTF files to open PDF, PostScript and EPS files as styled and paginated rich text documents. PDF2RTFService requires Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger as it makes heavy use of new functionalities in Quartz.

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