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WebDesign 2.6.1


Toronto, Ontario (May 3, 2005) — Rage Software announced today the
immediate availability of WebDesign 2.6.1, A maintenance update to the
first HTML source code editor with an integrated Site Manager. This free
update adds the ability to customize syntax highlighting colors within
WebDesign and support for Mac OS X Tiger.

WebDesign is a professional web authoring package offering a powerful and
easy to use text editor combined with a fully featured Site Manager to help
keep your web sites up to date and organized. WebDesign includes built in
support for HTML, XHTML, Cascading Style Sheets, PHP, JavaScript, ASP, XML
and VBScript. WebDesign was designed with flexibility in mind with its
extensible plug-in architecture. There are already dozens of free add-ons
available for WebDesign users on the WebDesign Resources Web Site at

WebDesign 2.6.1 is a maintenance update to the professional HTML source
code editor. It adds the ability to set the syntax highlighting colors
within the Preferences instead of editing an external file. It also brings
support for Tiger, Apple’s recently released operating system.

Users can try a fully functional trial version, with no limitations, up to
21 times by downloading WebDesign from
The full version of WebDesign can be purchased for $29.95 and includes one
year free of web hosting. Highly discounted volume and academic prices are
also available. Rage Software offers competitive upgrade offers from
competing HTML Editors for just $20.95. Licenses to WebDesign can be
purchased from Rage Software’s online store at

Since 1999, Rage Software has continued to deliver unique and useful
Macintosh Software including Macintosh Explorer, the first ever tabbed file
browser, and Smart Folders, the first application to bring Smart Folders to
your Mac. Rage Software aims to provide unique and useful applications to
Mac users at an affordable price.

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