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Who’s There? Firewall Advisor Version 1.5

Updated product works in concert with new DoorStop X firewall, Tiger

ASHLAND, OR. — May 2, 2005 — Open Door Networks Inc. today announced that
it was shipping version 1.5 of its Who’s There? Firewall Advisor. Who’s
There? enhances the Mac’s security on the Internet by helping users
analyze, investigate and respond to access attempts detected by their Mac’s
firewall. Who’s There? 1.5 updates the product to work with Open Door’s
newly-announced DoorStop X firewall (see “Open Door Networks announces
DoorStop X firewall”) and the limited firewall built into Apple’s new Tiger
(Mac OS X 10.4) operating system.

Who’s There? 1.5 works in concert with DoorStop X to supplement the
capabilities of Open Door’s new firewall, providing users with details and
advice on access attempts logged by that firewall. It is also particularly
important with Tiger’s “built-in” firewall due to that firewall’s severely
limited logging capabilities (which include not logging access attempts
allowed through to the Macintosh, showing denied access attempts only in
cryptic form and periodically clearing all logging data).

Who’s There? 1.5 also provides updated information and advice on access
attempts to a number of additional services, including the rapidly growing
number of Windows trojan horses. The product continues to support Norton
Personal Firewall, Mac OS X Server, Brickhouse, and other Macintosh
firewalls. It requires Mac OS 10.2.8 or later.

A free upgrade to Who’s There? 1.5 is available to anyone who purchased
version 1.2 or later of the product from Open Door. A full version of the
product is $39. The upgrade, a free evaluation version of the product and
additional details are available directly from the Who’s There? Web site at .

Open Door Networks, Inc. is a leading provider of Internet security
solutions for the Macintosh. Open Door was founded in 1995 by Alan
Oppenheimer, co-creator of the AppleTalk network system and co-author of
the book “Internet Security for Your Macintosh: A Guide for the Rest of
Us.” Open Door’s mission is to provide Macintosh users with Internet
solutions that are as easy-to-use and as powerful as the Macintosh itself.
Open Door Networks is based in Ashland, Oregon.

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