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TidBITS: Four Take Control Ebooks First to Cover Tiger


Four Take Control Ebooks First to Cover Tiger

Ithaca, NY USA (April 29th, 2005)–TidBITS Electronic Publishing today
announced that four cost-effective electronic books covering key aspects of
Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger will be available at 6 PM, April 29th, seconds after
the release of Tiger. The ebooks help Macintosh users upgrade to Tiger
successfully, customize the new operating system, work with user accounts,
and share files among multiple networked computers.

Leading the pack is Joe Kissell’s “Take Control of Upgrading to Tiger,” an
all-new version of his best-selling guide to upgrading to Panther. It walks
users through the seven steps necessary before upgrading, which of Tiger’s
three installation options is right, how to perform the actual upgrade, and
the four tasks to perform after the upgrade finishes. With “Take Control of
Customizing Tiger,” Matt Neuburg picks up where Joe leaves off. Matt helps
readers maximize their productivity by customizing Tiger for their needs,
including sections on Spotlight, Smart Folders, Dashboard, Automator, and
more. Kirk McElhearn then explains everything about user accounts in Tiger,
ranging from why every Mac should have at least two accounts, how to create
the right types of accounts for different people, the best ways to use
Tiger’s new parental controls, and more. Finally, networking expert Glenn
Fleishman makes sharing files easy, whether it’s between two Tiger-equipped
Macs on a local network, among a mixed-platform office workgroup, or
between far-flung computers on the Internet.

“Our approach to ebooks shines in situations like this,” said Take Control
publisher Adam C. Engst. “Whereas most print books about Tiger won’t be
hitting the shelves for weeks or even months, we have four titles available
as soon as Tiger ships. Even better, our policy of providing free updates
to our ebooks means that customers can download updated versions as our
authors learn more about Tiger in real-world usage and as Apple releases
new versions.”

Until 6 PM, customers may pre-order the ebooks from the Take Control Web
site at: Nearly 2,000 pre-order copies
have already been purchased; overseas customers are being notified of how
they may obtain their ebook at 6 PM in their local time zone.

The ebooks are available separately or in discounted bundles.

Book Details
“Take Control of Upgrading to Tiger” by Joe Kissell
PDF format, 87 pages, free 27-page sample available
Price: $5

“Take Control of Customizing Tiger” by Matt Neuburg
PDF format, 100 pages, free 27-page sample available
Price: $5

“Take Control of Users & Accounts in Tiger” by Kirk McElhearn
PDF format, 73 pages, free 25-page sample available
Price: $5

“Take Control of Sharing Files in Tiger” by Glenn Fleishman
PDF format, 122 pages, free 34-page sample available
Price: $10

About the Take Control Series
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real-world, cost-effective documentation since 2003. To learn more, visit
our FAQ:

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