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Speed Download 3.0.7

Speed Download 3.0.7

April 27, 2005 – Yazsoft announces the immediate availability of Speed
Download 3.0.7; a new version of the popular download manager offering
turbo-charged changes to the new peer to peer file sharing and software
distribution feature set, as well as more performance tweaks for Mac OS X
10.3.9 and Tiger.

Completely re-written with Apple xCode, Speed Download 3 is the leading
download manager for Mac OS X providing many new features including
turbo-charged downloading, uploading, peer 2 peer file sharing, scheduling,
bandwidth management, and more while providing auto-resuming functionality
and security at all times. Speed Download 3 is optimized for ALL internet
connection (dial-up or broadband).

What’s new in SD 3.0.7:

– New Speed Download plugin for better compatibility and performance under
10.3.9 and Tiger (10.4).
– Added more support for Apple’s webkit used by browsers like Shiira.
– Downloading with Speed Download via the contextual menu now gathers
cookies and referer info.
– Tweaked the user-agent mechanism in the preferences.
– Add Files from URL now retrieved passwords set in the Password
preferences. This feature is for better downloading of website content for
offline viewing.
– Fixed minor issue that would affect uploading if the Received Files folder
was not there.
– Minor under the hood tweaks.

This update is free to all registered SD 2 and SD 3 users.

Speed Download 3 is available at the low price of $20.

Yazsoft is also offering savings of up to $25 on multiple licenses as well
as introducing new discounted ‘Switcher’ pricing for anyone using another
Mac download manager and would like to upgrade to Speed Download 3.

Yazsoft highly recommends that all current users update to version 3.0.6
for best results.

For additional information, please visit our website:

Speed Download 3.0.7 is available immediately from our download page:

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