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RbApp 1.0 for REALbasic Developers

RbApp 1.0 for REALbasic Developers

Reusable Classes for Solid Applications in Record Time

Placitas, NM — April 21, 2005 – Excel Software is pleased to introduce
RbApp 1.0, a platform-neutral collection of reusable REALbasic classes that
help programmers create industrial strength applications on Macintosh and
Windows. RbApp supplements the classes and controls in REALbasic 5.0 or
later from REAL Software, Inc.

The main components of RbApp are:

* RbEdit — Enhanced Editing of Large Text Files with Undo/Redo and
* RbView — Drawing Framework Based on REALbasic’s Graphic Classes
* RbCommand — Undo/Redo Command Framework
* RbPalette — Tool Bars and Palettes for any Platform
* RbStringList — Add, Delete, Alphabetize, Iterate and Manipulate a List
of Strings
* RbXML — Single Class to Easily Read and Write Data to XML Files
* RbHelp — Add Interactive Online Help Using QuickHelp to Applications on
Any Platform
* RbLibrary — Build Fast Text Reports and Manipulate Text Files for
Different Platforms

RbEdit is a plain text editor that supports tens of megabytes of text and
can read and write large files in seconds on Mac OS X versus minutes with
REALbasic’s EditField control. RbEdit provides Undo/Redo, Find/Replace and
Print commands, configurable tab support, runtime programmable line wrap/no
wrap, drag & drop and a configurable text font, size, color and style. It
offers interface similarity with EditField plus added programming control
over text editing.

RbView implements a powerful drawing environment that supplements
REALbasic’s graphic capabilities. It allows a programmer to work at a
higher level of abstraction by providing an extendable framework of
properties and methods for drawing objects with specified pen color, fill
color, dashed lines, etc. Programmers can easily manage page size,
orientation, number of horizontal and vertical pages, scaling, printing and
scrolling of views.

RbCommand offers a reusable, Undo/Redo command structure for applications.
It allows an application to track the mouse, provide feedback to the user
and constrain the tracking process while performing the command.

RbPalette makes it easy to add horizontal toolbars or vertical tool
palettes to REALbasic applications running on any platform. Tool palettes
include active and inactive tool icons, programmable enabled and visible
states of each tool and contextual online help.

RbApp is $195 for a single developer with a free trial download. It comes
with sample projects, a printed and PDF manual, royalty-free distribution
rights for compiled applications and both Mac OS X and Windows installers.

Excel Software
Ph: (505) 771-3719
Fax: (505) 771-3718

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