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Gefen Offers Fiber HDTV Cables at Copper Price

Gefen Discounts HDTV Extreme Cables for High Definition Video Extension

WOODLAND HILLS, CA — April 11, 2005 — Gefen announced that it has
discounted its HDTV Extreme cables, now available in 33, 50, 66, 75, 100,
135, 210 and 330 foot lengths. HDTV Extreme cables are uniquely suited for
HDTV projection and computer video extension because they combine fiber
optics components and copper wires in a single cable in which the
electronics are part of the DVI connectors.

Sending the high resolutions of high definition video beyond 15 feet from
the computer or satellite set-top box to the display requires the proper
cabling and transmission techniques. Using an off-the-shelf cable may work
for some systems but those who demand high resolution often experience
video pixilation that deteriorates the further the display is extended.

“By making fiber DVI cables cost similar to the price of DVI copper cables,
we can offer unparallel video quality to 1080p,” said Hagai Gefen,
president. “You can go as far as 300 feet from the source using one
convenient DVI-equipped cable.”

Most flat panel displays manufactured today, including Apple’s new Cinema
Displays, are equipped with DVI to connect the display to the source.

Gefen’s HDTV Extreme cables are currently available online at
or through a Gefen reseller.

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