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Near-Time Current puts Mac OS X Users in Control

Near-Time Current puts Mac OS X Users in Complete Control over Desktop and
Internet Content

Now Commercially Available, Current Combines Rich Authoring and Publishing
with Ability to Harvest and Manage Web content, News feeds, Desktop and
Multimedia Files

Chapel Hill, N.C. – April 6, 2005 – Near-Time, Inc., a leading innovator of
content and knowledge management software, today announced the commercial
availability of Near-Time Current for Mac OS X. Current transcends
traditional text editors, bookmark managers, Web clipping software,
outliners, newsreaders, and blogging software. It is the first program to
combine these functions, leveraging the immediacy of the Internet while
offering a rich desktop environment for authoring and publishing. Current
gives users complete control over desktop and Internet content.

“We take the notion that you need separate, monolithic applications to
create and work with different types of information and turn it on its
head,” said Reid Conrad, president and CEO of Near-Time, Inc. “With
Current, the content you create and harvest takes center stage and you are
in complete control. It gives users one program to seamlessly and
effortlessly harness standard desktop and Internet content, giving you the
tools you need to work in new and interesting ways.”

Near-Time is launching Current based on a successful three- month early
access period. A number of enhancements were made during this time,

* Current can serve as a default text editor, enabling users to take
advantage of version management and text files.

* Advanced RSS management for news and Weblog feeds make it easier than
ever to automatically gather Web content.

* New Home Page provides portal-style, contextual content navigation.

About Near-Time Current

Current’s rich authoring and publishing capabilities allow you to create
documents from many sources simultaneously, merge links and Web page
content with your documents, and post the results to Web sites and blogs,
with accompanying RSS or Atom news feeds. It works with both desktop and
Internet content, and has a built-in Web browser and full text search
capabilities. Application files of all types, including QuickTime, photos,
html pages, and mp3 files, can be stored and launched within Current.

Here are some of the ways that you can work with Current:

Web Research – Web archiving capabilities, news feed access and annotation
tools make it easy to capture and reuse Internet content.

Advanced Note Taking – WYSIWIG editor and contextual tools make Current
ideal for taking notes and making to-do lists.

Organize Information – Current automatically organizes content based on
user-defined rules.

Content from Current can be published to Weblogs via Blogger and MetaWeblog
APIs, as RSS feeds and as Web pages to Apple iDisk or Web servers. This
gives users one tool for authoring, gathering, organizing, and the
publishing of content, eliminating the need for several stand-alone
applications. Built upon a standards-based architecture, Current provides
essential information integration capabilities for individual users.
Standards enable Current users to access, manage, and repurpose content.
Supported standards include XML, HTML, FTP, WebDav, SMTP, iDisk, RSS, and
Web logs (via Atom). Near-Time Current is available for download at
http://www.near- The software harnesses the power of Near-Time
FlowT collaborative content management system and focuses it for personal
use. Near-Time Current licenses are priced at $49.95 per user.

About Near-Time

Near-Time, the developer of Flow, Relay and Current, is an emerging
innovator in Web-enabled rich client content and knowledge management. With
an industry leading standards- based architecture, Near-Time applications
take information management well beyond traditional content and knowledge
managers for individuals and groups alike. Flow, Relay and Current are
available for users of Apple Macintosh systems. For more information, go to

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