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SuperCard 4.5

SuperCard 4.5

March 28, 2005 – Solutions Etcetera announces SuperCard 4.5 is now shipping.
Solutions Etcetera today announced that SuperCard 4.5, a major upgrade to
their award-winning authoring environment, is now available.

Version 4.5 offers significantly increased performance, a new extensible
help system, and over 80 new features and additions.

“I’ve used SuperCard for fifteen years, and I’ve never seen anything like
4.5 – it kicks butt and takes names” says Mark Lucas, lead SuperCard
engineer. “Scores of trick new features, stunning performance increases, a
rich, blazing-fast, integrated extensible help system, dozens of new
callbacks for XCMD developers, yet stuffed up SuperCard and SuperEdit
together still fit on a floppy! You hear the term ‘must-have upgrade’
tossed around a lot, but this is the real deal=8A”

“I think it is no secret that 4.5 was originally scheduled to ship last
year, but I think users will find it worth the wait” said Scott Simon,
director of product development. “The performance increases and new help
system alone would have made a great 4.5, but we ended putting so much into
this release we probably should have named it 5.0.”

SuperCard is the tool of choice for Mac professionals, educators, and
hobbyists alike. Use it to create just about any type of application
including games, teaching aids, utilities, personal productivity tools,
automation tools, kiosks, and multimedia rich projects. Whether you’re
using OS X or the Classic Mac OS, SuperCard lets you accomplish more in
less time than you ever thought possible. It’s the shortest distance
between ideas and results!

For more information contact Solutions Etcetera:

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