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Mimer Data Provider for ADO.NET

Release of Mimer Data Provider for ADO.NET

Uppsala, Sweden – March 24 2005 – Mimer Information Technology today
announced the immediate availability of the Mimer Data Provider for the
Microsoft .NET Framework. The Mimer Data Provider is tightly integrated
in the Visual Studio .NET development environment, enabling rapid
development of Mimer SQL applications in Visual Basic, C++, C# and J#.
It is also possible to use the Mimer Data Provider in non-Windows
environments with Mono.

ADO.NET is an object-oriented interface for accessing and manipulating
data in the Microsoft .NET Framework. It simplifies the development of
multi-tier database applications both for web and traditional
client/server environments.

The Mimer Data Provider for ADO.NET can be installed within a few
seconds and without requiring any client libraries. This is due to the
fact that it is written totally in managed C# code. This also makes it
possible to use the Mimer Data Provider when developing portable, cross
platform, .NET applications for the Mono platform.

The tight integration of the Mimer Data Provider in Microsoft’s Visual
Studio .NET development environment makes it possible for the developer
to use all features in the .NET framework like wizards, XML datasets,
web forms, etc. The complete Mimer Data Provider documentation is
integrated in the Visual Studio documentation.

“The Microsoft .NET Framework is a powerful development environment used
by a huge number of developers all over the world.” , says Bengt Gunne,
Development Director, Mimer Information Technology. “We are therefore
very pleased with the seamless integration of Mimer SQL in Visual Studio
..NET, and we are convinced that all developers of Mimer SQL applications
for .NET will appreciate this”, concludes Bengt Gunne.

The beta version of the Mimer Data Provider for ADO.NET, together with
developer and evaluation versions of Mimer SQL for all platforms, are
available for free download from Mimer’s developer web site

About Mimer Information Technology AB

Mimer Information Technology is a world leader in the field of zero
maintenance DBMSs with its Mimer SQL product. Mimer SQL is an
easy-to-use, high performance and scalable database server available for
Windows, Mac OS X, OpenVMS, Linux and other Unix platforms. Mimer SQL is
also available for smart phones and PDAs, making it easy to integrate
server and mobile databases.

Examples of customers using Mimer SQL for their mission-critical systems
are Volvo Car (Sweden), National Blood Service (England) and DJ
Galvanizing (Canada).

The company is part of the Upright Group.

For further information about Mimer SQL, please contact
Stefan Eck, Product Manager, Mimer Information Technology AB
Phone +46 – (0)18 780 92 21, +46 – (0)730 299 321 (mobile)
E-mail:, Web:

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