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FastMac Announces G4 CPU Upgrade for Slot-Loading G3 iMacs

FastMac Announces G4 CPU Upgrade for Slot-Loading G3 iMacs

Salinas, CA – March 22, 2005 – FastMac announces availability of a G4
processor upgrade for the Apple Slot-Loading iMac G3 computer. For $199.95,
the FastMac upgrade replaces the original G3 CPU with a G4 CPU operating at
550 MHz and doubles the backside cache from 512k to 1 full MB, resulting in
a 3 to 4 times boost in speed & performance.

“This upgrade gives your Slot-Loading iMac the speed it needs to run the
latest applications and OS” said Michael Lowdermilk, Business Development
Manager for FastMac Performance Upgrades. “Not only is it affordable, but
with our advance exchange program, there is zero downtime.”

The FastMac upgrade takes full advantage of the G4 AltiVec Velocity Engine,
allowing the machine to now run programs it could not run before, including
GarageBand, iChat AV with iSight, and others. The upgrade is 100%
compatible with OS 9 and X, and is warranted for one year.

Compatibility & Pricing

FastMac’s G4 CPU upgrade for Slot-Loading G3 iMacs requires the original
main logic board and is priced at $199.95. It is compatible with the
following Slot-Loading G3 iMacs:

iMac G3 350, 400, and 450 MHz (all models)
iMac G3 500 (all models except Flower Power and Blue Dalmatian systems)

For details on how to identify which model you have visit

About FastMac

FastMac designs and manufactures innovative upgrade products that add
value and extend usability of Apple Macintosh computers and iPod music
players. FastMac’s line of optical drives and CPU upgrades are available
through an international network of dealers, distributors, resellers and
consultants. For more information, visit

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