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‘AB Transfer’ 1.2

‘AB Transfer’ 1.2

Kiel, Germany (March 14, 2005) – turingart is pleased to announce the
immediate availability of ‘AB Transfer’ 1.2.

‘AB Transfer’ reads, converts and imports contact data from files into OS
X’ address book. An enhanced version ‘AB Transfer Pro’ will allow to import
data from database sources like FileMaker, MySQL or generic ODBC sources.
Pro is to be released soon.

Release 1.2 adds support for DBF files created by ‘Act!’. Thus, ‘AB
Transfer’ is well suited for users running ‘Act!’ on OS 9/classic, since
the application migrates address/contact data in 5 minutes to OS X. ‘Act!’
import is as easy as CSV or TAB-separated file import.

Besides CSV and tab-separated input data, ‘AB Transfer’ converts
Windows/DOS to Mac data, strips leading or trailing white space. A preview
window show read data before the actual import. Currently, ‘AB Transfer
handles these fields: First name, name, maiden-name, nickname, title,
email, phone fax, homepage, country, state, city, ZIP, street, note.

A very intuitive OS X address book like GUI simplifies import operations.
Within minutes an import is set up and within a few more minutes, new
records are inserted.

As a first class OS X citizen, ‘AB Transfer’ isn’t available for other
operating system.



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