Wibu-Systems announcing ExpressCard(tm) compliant card module

High performance with new standard ExpressCard module for CodeMeter

Wibu-Systems announcing ExpressCard(tm) compliant card module at CeBIT 2005

Hanover, Germany (CeBIT). Wibu-Systems (hall 7, A21) announced today that
CodeMeter ExpressCard module used for Digital Rights Management (DRM) will
be made available in the following quarter. CodeMeter was introduced last
year and represents Wibu-Systems’ latest technology for protection of
intellectual property assets.

“This year’s CeBIT is a great opportunity to join the arena for ExpressCard
compliant products with CodeMeter”, said Oliver Winzenried, CEO and
co-founder of Wibu-Systems AG. “CodeMeter security products will perfectly
fit with the new defined small form factor and will provide to the user
even better performance and ease of use through the ExpressCard Standard
and products certified by the ExpressCard Compliance Program. We believe in
this new market requiring removable and high quality security for our DRM
application solutions, protecting software and safeguarding personal data
such as digital rights. The next generation of high performance desktops
and laptops will enable new applications rendering to the user the mobility
to go anywhere the card plugs in.”

“Wibu-Systems is joining the long list of companies adopting ExpressCard
technology as the newest platform for high-performance functionality,” said
Brad Saunders, chairman of PCMCIA. “Their new solution, which provides a
strong security token for a variety of DRM solutions is addressing a key
niche in the portable and secure storage solutions market. Wibu-Systems
recognizes that ExpressCard performance and form factors meet the
requirements for high-capacity flash storage. Solutions such as that
offered by Wibu-Systems will help foster the fast arrival of ExpressCard
applications to the home entertainment market.”

Wibu-Systems has also announced at CeBIT the release of a new member of the
CodeMeter family, a CM-Stick with a Giga Byte of storage capacity. High end
protected flash memory with the inclusion of rights management systems will
be part of a future product roadmap for ExpressCard CM-modules.

Strong security as defined by AES and ECC industrial encryption standards
is supported by the CodeMeter-Stick. It is the ideal and innovative tool
for license management for multiple software vendors and provides a large
device storage to keep the private user data including licenses, credit
accounts and other personal data separated from less trusted environments.

Wibu-Systems has been shipping over one million security tokens, to mention
security solutions such as Wibu-Key for software and license protection,
SecuriKey for access control and SmartShelter for document protection. The
scope of Wibu-Key products covers, besides USB and other standard
interfaces, the PC Card(tm) interface. Wibu-Systems has been a PCMCIA
member since 1993 and is now looking forward to underline its commitment to
ExpressCard compliant products. Wibu-Systems headquartered in Germany, has
international representation with offices in Seattle and Shanghai, from
where it serves the US and Chinese customer base, and distributors.

About ExpressCard Technology
ExpressCard technology ( supports the addition of flash
memory cards, wired and wireless communications hardware, security devices,
and emerging applications by simply inserting a module into a notebook,
desktop or other compliant system. ExpressCard technology supports
sealed-box expandability in both desktop and notebook systems in a form
factor that is roughly half the size of today’s PC Card module but with
improved performance. In addition, ExpressCard technology supports hot
plug-n-play and auto-configuration. More than 95 percent of all notebook
computers use PC Card technology for expansion. Dell, HP, IBM, Intel, Lexar
Media, Microsoft, SCM Microsystems and Texas Instruments are among those
supporting development of the new standard under the PCMCIA umbrella. For
more information on ExpressCard Standard, see:

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