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Fetch 5.0 Nears Release


ETNA, N.H.–Fetch Softworks announces that Fetch 5.0, the latest
version of the award-winning file transfer client for the Macintosh,
has entered beta testing. Fetch 4.0 was among the first FTP clients
to support Mac OS X, and is the most downloaded FTP client for the
Mac. Building on this history of easy, reliable file transfers, Fetch
5.0 adds SFTP support, improved server and firewall compatibility,
and a completely rewritten user interface emphasizing simplicity and
ease of use.

Users interested in beta-testing Fetch 5.0 can apply at the Fetch
Softworks website, Fetch 5.0 requires Mac
OS X 10.2.4 or later.

Customers purchasing Fetch 4.0.3 on or after March 10, 2005 will
receive a free upgrade to Fetch 5.0. Upgrade pricing for other Fetch
4 customers will be announced when Fetch 5.0 is officially released.

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