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Mimer SQL now available for Apple’s Mac OS X


Mimer SQL now available for Apple’s Mac OS X

Uppsala, Sweden — March 1 2005 — Mimer Information Technology, a leading
developer of enterprise and mobile database servers, today announces the
immediate availability of Mimer SQL for Mac OS X. This makes it possible
also for Mac users to take full advantage of Mimer SQL’s high performance
and zero maintenance. A free development and evaluation version of Mimer
SQL for Mac OS X is available for download from Mimer’s web site

Mimer SQL has a long and successful track record both in large mission
critical systems and as an embedded black box DBMS in many software
products. This combination of high performance and ease-of-use makes Mimer
SQL very well suited for the Mac OS X environment, matching Apple’s own
philosophy of simplicity and user friendliness. Mimer SQL supports both Mac
OS X and Mac OS X Server.

“With Apple’s commitment to the enterprise market, with increasing server
sales, it is certainly a good time to bring the zero maintenance, high
performance and scalable Mimer SQL database to the Mac”, said Stefan Eck,
Product Manager of Mimer Information Technology. “We are looking forward to
reach new groups of users. This includes both end users with mission
critical systems and independent software vendors that provides high volume
products for the Mac OS X.”

Mimer SQL’s “Install & forget” concept lets the user install the product in
just a few minutes, and when deployed, there is no need for a database
administrator. The zero maintenance features of Mimer SQL like non locking
transaction control, automatic database reorganization, automated online
backup, self tuning database kernel, tight OS integration, and small
footprint rewards the users with an unprecedented low total cost of
ownership (TCO).

The scalability and high performance of Mimer SQL on Mac OS X make it
possible to develop applications for anything from iBooks to enterprise
Xserves with thousands of users.

Mimer SQL implements full support for all established database standards.
This includes support for ISO SQL:1999, ODBC, JDBC and Unicode. Mimer SQL
has built-in multilingual support for more than 150 languages including
Chinese, Japanese and 15 different Indian languages. Mimer SQL can be used
together with popular development tools like WebObjects, JBoss, Tomcat,
Omnis, and 4D.

A beta version of Mimer SQL 9.2 for Mac OS X is available for free
download from Mimer’s developer web site (

About Mimer Information Technology AB
Mimer Information Technology is a world leader in the field of zero
maintenance DBMSs with its Mimer SQL product. Mimer SQL is an
easy-to-use, high performance and scalable database server available for
Windows, Mac OS X, OpenVMS, Linux and other Unix platforms. Mimer SQL is
also available for smart phones and PDAs, making it easy to integrate
server and mobile databases.

Examples of customers using Mimer SQL for their mission-critical systems
are Volvo Car (Sweden), National Blood Service (England) and DJ
Galvanizing (Canada).

The company is part of the Upright Group.

For further information about Mimer SQL, please contact
Stefan Eck, Product Manager, Mimer Information Technology AB
Phone +46 – (0)18 780 92 21, +46 — (0)730 299 321 (mobile)
E-mail:, Web:

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