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KavaSoft releases Shoebox 1.0: world’s smartest photo organizer

KavaSoft releases Shoebox 1.0, the world’s smartest photo organizer

KavaSoft, creator of iConquer and iTunes Catalog, announces Shoebox
1.0, a Mac OS X application for organizing digital photos by content.

Shoebox is the sophisticated alternative to iPhoto. It uses Knowledge
Base technology to learn what’s in each of your photos. Photos can be
organized into categories like dates, people, places and things.
Categorizing your photos is easy, fast and fun. It just takes a few
keystrokes, so you don’t even need to use the mouse.

You can get started quickly by downloading categories from the KavaSoft
website. Available categories include holidays, countries, cars,
colors, and sports teams. Right away, Shoebox knows that New Year’s Eve
is in December, London is in England, and purple is a color.

Shoebox makes it easy to import photos from iPhoto, or to download them
directly from your camera. And unlike iPhoto, Shoebox doesn’t move your
files around. You can keep your photos wherever you want, even on an
external hard disk.

Shoebox helps you find exactly the photos you want. Simply type what
you’re looking for into the search field, and your photos appear
instantly. Refine your search with criteria like date range, file name,
and rating. Filter the displayed photos as you browse: show just your
top-rated photos, photos from this year, photos from your hometown,

Shoebox lets you surf your photo collection like a web browser. Looking
at a photo of a cat? A single click shows you all your other photos of
cats, even if they are in different folders. Broaden your search to see
other pets, or all animals. Shoebox lets you easily find all photos
taken the same day, in the same place, or of the same people or things.

Shoebox has an elegant, modular interface. Immerse yourself in your
photos with the full-screen thumbnail view. Shoebox lets you play a
slideshow of any folder, category, or search — or even play a
slideshow of photos directly from your camera. Shoebox keeps track of
your history and favorites.

If you have a collection of special photos you’d like to keep private,
Shoebox lets you create separate, password-protected catalogs. Private
catalogs stay hidden and don’t remember which photos you’ve been
looking at.

You can try out Shoebox for free. Shoebox comes in two versions:
Shoebox Express ($39.99) for home users with up to 10,000 photos, and
Shoebox Pro ($79.99) for digital media professionals. You can purchase
Shoebox online using PayPal or Kagi.


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