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KeyStrokes 3.5 for Mac OS X boosts word prediction

PR: KeyStrokes(R) 3.5 for Mac OS X boosts word prediction, adds new
localizations, and more

Amsterdam – 16 February 2005 – AssistiveWare today announced the
release of version 3.5 of KeyStrokes(R), its award-winning on-screen
keyboard with advanced PolyPredix(TM) multilingual word prediction
for Mac OS X. KeyStrokes 3.5 offers many unique, time and effort
saving features allowing significantly easier and faster typing. The
new version provides word prediction for the hardware keyboard, it’s
on-screen keyboard and for soon to be released SwitchXS 1.7. It can
be used with a keyboard, mouse, trackball, head pointer, touch
screen, or other mouse emulator to type into just about any Mac OS X
or Classic application.

Version 3.5 represents a major update with the following key new features:

– Word prediction efficiency has improved by 10 to 40%, now allowing
a total effort reduction of up to 70%.

– Word prediction now works for the hardware keyboard to accommodate
one finger typists.

– Word prediction will also work for soon to be released SwitchXS
1.7, giving switch users access to the same great word prediction.

– Adds German, Italian, Dutch and Norwegian translations.

– Adds Norwegian pre-built word prediction dictionary (US and UK
English, French, German, Dutch and Italian were already available).

– And, many smaller improvements…

KeyStrokes 3.5 rapidly adapts its prediction to the user’s vocabulary
and also learns “as you type” or from text files. The learning and
prediction process is entirely transparent to the user and learned
text can even be spell-checked automatically to prevent learning
typos. Advanced users can control many of the processes and use the
extremely powerful dictionary editor to streamline user dictionaries
or even design dictionaries for additional languages or dialects.

KeyStrokes 3.5 is the only fully-functional on-screen keyboard
available for Mac OS X. With its system-wide, dwell-based typing and
clicking, multiple keyboard models, adjustable key spacing and fonts,
speech feedback, SmartTransparency(TM), and much more, KeyStrokes 3.5
is a real powerhouse. And yet, it is very easy to use and does not
require any special configuration to profit fully from its advanced

KeyStrokes 3.5 is available in English, French, German, Italian,
Norwegian, and Dutch. The suggested retail price is US$ 299 or Euro
249 (excl. VAT). Users of any other on-screen keyboard can upgrade to
KeyStrokes 3.5 for US$ 249 or Euro 199 (excl. VAT). KeyStrokes 3.5
is provided as a free upgrade for registered users of any previous
version of KeyStrokes for Mac OS X.

KeyStrokes 3.5 requires Mac OS X 10.2 or higher (Mac OS X 10.3
recommended). Version 3.1 is still available for Mac OS 9 and earlier
versions of Mac OS X. For more information and a fully-functional
downloadable demo please consult the product page at

AssistiveWare ( has been involved with
the development of assistive technology software for the Apple
Macintosh since 1996 and is also the maker of TouchStrokes(R) virtual
keyboard for touch screen and graphic tablets and SwitchXS(R)
scanning on-screen keyboard.

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