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PhotoVu launches 17″ Wall-Mounted digital picture frame

PhotoVu today announced the availability of its new PhotoVu PV1740 picture frame, which includes a custom frame and mat made to order, built-in support for Adobe Photoshop Album 2.0 and Apple’s iPhoto photo management software, as well as an optional 40GB removable hard drive for stand-alone play. “Many potential customers have asked us for a more cost effective complement to our current product offering and in response we’ve developed the PV1740,” said Robert Jordan, Partner, PhotoVu. “For those customers who don’t need quite the size of a 19″ LCD display, the PV1740, with it’s still wall-sized 17″ LCD display, is a great fit, at an unbeatable value.” The PhotoVu PV1740 is priced at US$899.

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