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Apple Announces WWDC 2005 Dates

Apple Announces WWDC 2005 Dates
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June 6-10 in San Francisco

All systems go.

With its unique integration of breakthrough technologies, open standards,
and robust development tools, Mac OS X Tiger is the platform for
unparalleled developer innovation. At the Apple Worldwide Developers
Conference 2005, June 6-10 in San Francisco, you’ll get the in-depth
knowledge, hands-on instruction and one-on-one support you need to deliver
products and solutions that transform the way your users work, play,
search, and share on a Mac.

Rich sessions. Practical tutorials. Hands-on labs.

At WWDC 2005, you’ll get in-depth information and practical coding
guidance, delivered in person from Apple’s own engineers and technical
staff. They will deliver a full-spectrum experience: information-rich
presentations, expert-led coding sessions, and hands-on labs where your
code will get personal attention.

Advance your development.

Harness the potential of Tiger and the entire Apple platform. Come to WWDC
2005 to work one-on-one with Apple engineers and industry luminaries and
learn how to:

Become a Tiger Technology Expert. Dig deep into the innovative technologies
that power Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger, the next major release of Mac OS X. At
WWDC 2005, you’ll work directly with Apple engineers to explore and exploit
Tiger development opportunities such as Spotlight, Dashboard, Core Data,
Core Image, Core Video, and more.

Optimize your code for maximum performance. Discover new tools and
techniques for accelerating your application, reducing its memory
footprint, and enhancing its user experience.

Take your app to the next level. Master the best practices for choosing
and using the APIs, tools, and technologies that will make your app stand
out from the competition

Take advantage of the Mac’s platform integration opportunities. Learn how
your application can integrate with and make the most of the applications,
technologies, and services built into Mac OS X.

Leverage digital media in your apps. Get expert guidance on how your
application can exploit the awesome digital media capabilities built into
Mac OS X.

Strengthen your IT skills and understanding of Apple enterprise solutions.
Extend your Java, Unix, database, and scripting skills, learn about the
latest technologies like Xgrid and Xsan, and get the inside track on
developing and deploying enterprise solutions on the Apple platform.

Something for everyone.

WWDC offers practical information and guidance designed to meet the needs
of the diverse communities that develop and deploy on the Apple platform:

* Commercial software and hardware developers
* In-house enterprise application developers
* Web developers and scripters
* IT managers and staff
* System administrators
* Scientists and researchers
* Developers of application plug-ins and extensions

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