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Staz Software Ships FutureBASIC 4, Release 2


February 15, 2005, Diamondhead, MS; STAZ Software, Inc.

FutureBASIC 4, Release 2, the fastest, Macintosh BASIC just got better.

A preference now allows auto-completion of toolbox parameters. Extended
printing options include the power to reset print job dialog parameters.
For instance, you may change the first and last page to be printed by
simply changing variables. The editor now watches over structure errors and
warns of incomplete conditionals such as an unfinished do/until or if/then
when saving. There is even an option to automatically or manually restore
the environment so that you can have all windows reopened and all items
reset exactly as they were the last time you ran FutureBASIC.

FB now supports manipulation of two-byte (Kanji) text and has extended its
handling of XML scripting. As you would expect, the second version of the
editor has been enhanced and refined. And while we are happy to report that
we dealt with a list of almost 300 requests and bugs in the past 4 months,
there were no reports of crashes in our first Carbon editor! We have worked
hard to continue that level of quality in Release 2.

FutureBASIC has a suggested retail price of $169 for individual copies and
is sold by subscription. Upgrades are shipped on CD for a period of one
year. Renewal price is $99. Reviving an expired subscription is $129.
Updates for FutureBASIC II and I users are $149. Lab packs and site
licenses are also available. The software is distributed by STAZ Software,
Inc. (800) 348-2623, or on the web: (

For more than twenty years, FutureBASIC has been empowering a wide range of
Mac programmers worldwide to create fast, professional applications. With
its speed and power, FutureBASIC 4 is truly a new carbon life form.

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