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Washington Post: Napster To Go doesn’t add up

Rob Pegoraro, tech columnist for the Washington Post, says the new Napster To Go service isn’t exactly the best way to consume digital music. “Whether you like Napster To Go, the online store’s new music subscription service, depends on whether you think of it as all-you-can-eat or all-you-can-pay,” writes Pegoraro. “At its best, music has the same lasting value as books or paintings or any other sort of meaningful art: It isn’t a disposable good that you use and then forget about. It’s something that you keep listening to and discovering new things in. When music is good, you want to know that it can’t be taken away from you. Napster To Go doesn’t allow for that. And when you realize this point, it looks less like a service that allows you to pay to get new music and more like one that forces you to pay to keep your existing music.”

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