History 1.0 plug–in for InDesign, InCopy released

DTP Tools has released History 1.0, a US$39 plug-in for Adobe InDesign and InCopy that brings the useful History panel from Photoshop to the applications. “It represents simple, yet invaluable solution which shortens the time of undoing actions and simplifies orientation in history. Using History 1.0 also decreases the risk of loosing work, thanks to the separate database of screenshot states, which doesn’t get deleted by certain actions (e.g. Save as), unlike the InDesign’s database of past actions. History keeps track of past actions in a document during the same session. Apart from seeing all available redo and undo steps, you can also take snapshots. Snapshots do not work as just bookmarks in the list, they allow you to revert even to a state which is out of the list range or is obsolete.”

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