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San Francisco Mac reseller MACadam closing doors

MACadam, an Apple reseller that has sold Macs for 16 years in San Francisco, is closing its doors. In a letter to customers, MACadam owner Tom Santos, who is involved in a lawsuit against Apple, explained why he decided to shut down. “This decision did not come easy. In fact, it came as possibly the most difficult thing I have ever done,” Santos wrote. “MACadam was not simply a company, it was a family of different people from all different walks of life. I can site a number of reasons why, but it primarily focuses on but two. The consistent bad behavior of our number one supplier, Apple Computer. They have made it so difficult to both get product in a timely fashion and treat our customers with the respect that they currently treat their Apple Direct customers. We have tried everything to resolve these problems over the last 4 plus years, yet our requests for help have simply gone unanswered.”

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