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Giga Designs intros Cube VRM, dual-1.6GHz Cube upgrades

Giga Designs has announced the first VRM (Voltage Regulation Module) and dual processor upgrades available for the Power Mac G4 Cube. The new G-celerator Cube 7A series dual processor upgrade uses 1.42GHz chips that run at 1.6GHz with the Cube VRM. The US$749 upgrade uses the latest G4 (7447A) processors available from Freescale (formerly Motorola). Each processor has a 512KB on chip L2 cache running at the full processor speed. The Cube VRM supports Giga Designs multi-voltage power sharing architecture, and can also be used in Cubes with the company’s and other manufacturers 7455-based processor upgrades, and/or upgraded graphics and hard disc drives. The VRM is included with all Giga Designs Dual processor Cube upgrades, and is also sold separately for $99. Both Cube upgrades will be available in February 2005.

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