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AppleScript Pro Sessions Offered In Monterey

Five-day training event features in-depth coverage of major scripting

Atlanta, Georgia–A unique opportunity to learn more about
AppleScript is coming to Monterey, California, May 2-6, 2005. Shane Stanley
of Myriad Communications of Melbourne, Australia, and Ray Robertson of
Scripting Matters of Atlanta are again teaming up to offer five days of
AppleScript Pro Sessions.

“This will be our seventh Pro Sessions, and we are looking forward to
returning to Monterey,” said Robertson. “It is a beautiful place, and
students find it the perfect place to learn and relax.”

AppleScript is a unique automation technology bundled with the Macintosh
operating system. “AppleScript is one of Apple’s best kept secrets, and it’s
saving smart businesses millions of dollars,” said Stanley. “It can
literally change your working life–you can finally make computers do all
the tedious things they’re supposed to do.”

Suited for both new and experienced scripters, the class emphasis is on
practical scripting information you can use across a range of applications.
“I don’t know of any other event that offers such a wide variety of
AppleScript training, from a full-day each on QuarkXPress and InDesign, to
looking at the scripting features in Photoshop, learning about AppleScript
Studio, and much more,” said Robertson.

The first day of the sessions is an introduction to AppleScript. Subsequent
days look at scripting real-world applications. “I can think of no better
way for a beginner to learn than by getting an introduction to AppleScript,
and then seeing how it is implemented in many different applications,” said
Robertson. “A CD with all course scripts–many of which will be an aid to
experienced scripters–is also included.”

Pricing starts at $1200 for any three days, with a special discounted
package of $1600 for all five days. The early bird rate is available through
March 15, or until the event sells out.

The sessions will be held at the Casa Munras Garden Hotel, a five-minute
walk from downtown Monterey. Attendees may reserve a room at the hotel for a
special group rate of $94/night, which includes a full breakfast. But the
number of rooms is limited, so early registration is strongly encouraged.

“We’ve had some requests to take the event to major metropolitan areas,”
said Robertson. “But with most attendees staying for at least four days, and
some coming from other countries, we find going to a smaller resort location
works well. Monterey offers affordable food and lodging in a beautiful
setting, with multiple airports and transportation options in the area.”

For more details, please contact Ray Robertson at, or visit the AppleScript Pro Sessions website at

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