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iPodlounge posts iPod shuffle reviews

iPodlounge has published in-depth reviews (for both power users and new users) of Apple’s new iPod shuffle, which was just announced last week at Macworld Expo in San Francisco. “Overall, we would recommend the iPod shuffle far more heavily to iPod newbies–particularly young, old, or price-conscious Apple admirers–than to power users, and iPodlounge’s high recommendation is based heavily on the attractively low price point,” writes Jeremy Horwitz. “The iPod shuffle’s super-small body, ease of use, and once unthinkable price will lure millions of new people into the iPod community. To them, we say ‘welcome.’ To everyone else, we say ‘keep watching.’ Power users with cash will unquestionably find the iPod mini a better value, and almost equally suitable for all of their needs.”

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