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Cbl Data Recovery Develops Retrieval Technique For Apple iPod


~ Music files now recoverable without invasive procedures
that may damage user warranties ~

ARMONK, NY / SAN DIEGO, CA, January 13, 2005 – CBL Data Recovery
Technologies Inc. (, a leading international
provider of computer data recovery services, has developed a non-invasive
procedure for retrieving multi-media files from Apple Computer, Inc.’s
popular iPod digital music player.

Users with damaged iPods can now send in the units for recovery of their
music files without fear of voiding Apple warranties since in most
instances CBL does not require invasive techniques to recovery the

“One of the biggest deterrents for using file recovery services is fear of
voiding manufacturer’s warranties,” says Bill Margeson, CEO of CBL Data
Recovery Technologies. “As a result, we are always researching and
developing new, non-invasive techniques to find ways of recovering digital
files to ensure the warranties remain valid.”

As digital media players and other handheld devices become more popular,
CBL has seen increased demand for multi-media file recovery services for
more consumer-oriented digital data storage media. In most cases consumers
are not even concerned with backing up their devices to a desktop PC
resulting in an even greater exposure to media loss. Apple sold 4.5 million
iPods in the 2004 holiday quarter alone.

“As digital media storage devices have become mainstream, the scenarios for
potential data loss have multiplied,” adds Margeson. “In addition, average
consumers using devices such as iPods may have less experience with
traditional PC computing and data backups. They may not be aware that they
could lose their entire music collection.”

A leader in its field, CBL is a multinational data recovery organization
with facilities in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Barbados, England,
Germany, China, Singapore, Japan and Australia. The company has been
focused solely on the data recovery market for more than a decade. Through
its on-going research and development efforts, CBL has created a library of
proprietary processes to successfully recover data from failed PC hard disk
drives when all other conventional methods have failed.

About CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc.

Founded in 1993, CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc.
( is a leading international provider of computer
data recovery services for clients experiencing data loss. CBL employs
experts from varying disciplines coupled with proprietary techniques to
retrieve data quickly and effectively from a wide array of affected media
for customers ranging from large enterprises to home users. CBL offers data
recovery services worldwide through its network of labs, offices and
authorized partners, located in 10 countries on six continents including
Brisbane, Australia; San Diego, California and Armonk, NY, USA; Toronto,
Canada; Newcastle, United Kingdom; Kaiserslautern, Germany; Beijing, China;
Barbados, West Indies; Ponta Grossa, Brazil; Tokyo, Japan; and Singapore.

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