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Zengobi Announces Curio 2.1

Zengobi Announces Curio 2.1
Curio Invites You to Think Outside the Box!

RALEIGH, NC – January 12, 2005 – Zengobi today announced Curio 2.1, the
latest version of their award-winning environment for brainstorming and
idea management. Curio 2.1 features new support for flowcharting and mind
mapping shapes for more flexible creative explorations. In addition to the
rectangle and rounded rectangle shapes offered previously, Curio’s group,
text, and asset figures can now be framed with octagons, hexagons,
trapezoids, brackets, vertical brackets, triangles, diamonds, semicircles,
ovals, and clouds. Curio 2.1 also allows figure adornments to be embedded
within the shape border; features better Mac OS X 10.4 “Tiger” support; and
offers additional keyboard shortcuts and printing options.

Unlike notebook-style applications, Curio’s idea spaces let users place
anything anywhere on the page, creating freeform collages of text,
outlines, checklists, images, documents, and movies. Users can easily drag
over web links, images, and content from web browsers or from Curio’s
integrated Sleuth research assistant. Support for graphic tablets and
pressure-sensitive pens allows users to sketch out their ideas when the
keyboard won’t do. Curio also includes an integrated dossier feature with
creative brief support that will help users more accurately define their
project goals. Advanced searching, archiving, and a built-in asset manager
further round out the Curio experience.

Pricing and Availability
The Curio 2.1 release is available immediately for download from the
Zengobi web site, A single-user license key sells for
US$129. Academic and volume discounts are available. Curio 2.1 is a free
upgrade for existing registered Curio 2.x users. Registered users of Curio
1.x can upgrade to Curio 2.1 for US$49. Users can also download and use
Curio as a full-featured trial for 30 days. Full system requirements and
more information on Curio can be found at

About Zengobi, Inc.
Zengobi produces amazingly innovative software for creative thinkers and
design professionals only on the Macintosh. For more information about
Zengobi, visit

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