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Boingo Wireless Debuts Mac Boingo Software



SANTA MONICA, Calif. – January 10, 2005 – Boingo Wireless today announced
Mac Boingo, a version of its Wi-Fi hot spot access software that enables
Apple Macintosh OS X users to log on at thousands of Boingo Roaming System=
locations with a single username and password.

The Boingo Roaming System includes more than 12,000 hot spots from roaming
partners such as Wayport, STSN, Surf & Sip, Stay Online, Concourse
Communications, and dozens of other network providers. Mac Boingo Software
aggregates those hot spots from disparate providers into a single network,
simplifying access for users and enabling them to log in to all partner
networks via a single Boingo account.

“Apple set the standard for making Wi-Fi easy to use; we followed their
lead in making simplicity and elegance a fundamental part of Mac Boingo
software,” said Dave Hagan, president and CEO of Boingo Wireless. “This
brings true worldwide roaming to Mac users, so they can benefit from the
value of accessing multiple networks with a single account, while enjoying
the productivity benefits of Wi-Fi.”

Boingo Functionality
Mac Boingo is closely integrated with Apple’s Airport Wi-Fi application,
leveraging Airport’s sniffing and connection functionality while adding
Boingo Roaming System identification and authentication capabilities.

When a Boingo Hot Spot is available, Mac Boingo signals the user and
enables him or her to connect and authenticate with a Boingo account. Mac
Boingo users can also configure the software to launch a separate
application upon login, such as virtual private network (VPN) or email

Mac Boingo features a built-in directory of all Boingo locations, providing
the name, address and phone number of Boingo Hot Spot locations. The
directory automatically updates itself when new locations become available,
and is fully accessible even when the computer is offline.

Mac Boingo Availability
Mac Boingo is a free download from the Boingo website
). Boingo’s Macintosh software is compatible with Mac OS 10.2.8 and later.
Prior versions of Mac OS 10.2 are supported for users who have separately
downloaded and installed Apple’s Safari browser.

Mac Boingo Software joins currently available versions for Windows and
Windows Pocket PC.

Boingo Roaming System & Service
The Boingo Roaming System is the largest aggregated network of Wi-Fi hot
spots with more than 12,000 locations in 48 U.S. states and 32 countries.
The System includes hundreds of airports, and thousands of cafes and
hotels. With the Boingo Software, Macintosh and Windows users can use the
Boingo network either on a daily basis for $7.95 per day or through a
monthly subscription that provides unlimited usage for $21.95 per month.
More details on Boingo service are available at

About Boingo Wireless
Boingo Wireless, Inc. is an ultra-high-speed wireless Internet service
available in thousands of locations such as hotels, airports, cafes, and
other public places, in dozens of countries throughout the world. Both
directly and through major carrier and ISP partners, Boingo provides
business travelers with a wireless broadband Internet connection to improve
productivity while on the road. Through its Wi-Fi software and Roaming
System, Boingo makes finding and connecting to Wi-Fi networks
point-and-click simple and secure. More information about Boingo is
available at (

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