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Griffin to introduce AirClick, SmartDeck products

iPodlounge reports that Griffin Technology will introduce new iPod products at next week’s Macworld Expo in San Francisco. The company’s new AirClick Remote will allow users to control their iPod (play/pause, next/previous, volume up/down) from up to 60 ft. away using RF technology (as opposed to IR). It will be available for both 4G iPods and iPod minis, and will offer iPod photo, enabling users to advance pictures wirelessly. Griffin will also show its AirClick USB dongle, which plugs into a Mac to allow users to control Apple DVD player, iTunes, Keynote, PowerPoint, QuickTime and VLC. The company will also debut the SmartDeck audio cassette adapter for 3G/4G iPods and iPod minis. The accessory will allow users to use their own stereo’s transport buttons–such as fast-forward, rewind, next song, previous song, etc.–to control an iPod.

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