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MacMice Announces ZeroSticks Companion Speaker System For iMac G5

MacMice Announces ZeroSticks Companion Speaker System For The iMac G5

Hendersonville, TN – January 7, 2005 – MacMice, a divison of DVForge,
Inc. announces that it will be showing its new ZeroSticks companion
speaker system for the iMac G5 at its booth #1017 at Macworld
Conference & Expo, January 11-14, 2005.

“We are excited about the way Apple’s incredible iMac G5 was designed
to take up nearly zero desk space. But, as soon as we started looking
for normal accessories for the iMac, we realized that nobody else had
been thinking along this zero-footprint track. All of the normal
accessories took away from the elegance of the iMac G5, especially,
loudspeaker systems,” said DVForge, Inc. CEO, Jack Campbell. “The
ZeroSticks is perhaps the most clever and exciting product we have ever
designed. In addition to being a terrific set of powered speakers, the
ZeroSticks actually takes up zero desk space; it doesn’t even require a
power cord. We think that anybody who owns a 17- or 20-inch iMac G5
will be as excited about this amazing product as we are.”

ZeroSticks is a stereo loudpseaker system mounted on a transverse
enclosure that fits completely behind the iMac G5, suspended on the
anodized Aluminum support upright of the iMac. The product uses the
same advanced amplifier technology and the same full-range drivers from
our pro-quality ProSticks loudspeaker system. ZeroSticks produces room
filling sound levels, and crisp, enjoyable sound quality. The
ZeroSticks AC power cord replaces the OEM AC cord from the iMac G5, and
powers both the iMac and the ZeroSticks. The speaker housings slide in
and out on anodized Aluminum cross-beams to adjust the width of the
ZeroSticks to fit either the 17- or 20-inch iMac.

ZerosSticks is built with the same high-gloss white plastics as the
iMac G5, uses zero desk space, and adds zero visible cables. The
product will be displayed and demonstrated at the MacMice booth at the
Macworld Expo, and the U.S.-only version will begin shipping in April
at a MSRP of $199.99. An international version will begin shipping in
Summer 2005.

Tennessee-based DVForge, Inc. is one of today’s fastest growing
consumer technology companies, specializing in high-style,
high-function products in the computer, audio, pro music, and
performance software product sectors. It develops, sells and supports
industry-leading consumer technology products under a variety of market
specific brands, including MacMice, ProSticks, PodBuddy, JamPlug, and
others to launch in the near future.

DVForge, Inc. – MacMice Division
130 Volunteer Drive, Hendersonville TN 37075

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