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MacMice Announces World’s First Bluetooth Wireless Trackball

MacMice Announces World’s First Bluetooth Wireless Trackball

Hendersonville, TN – January 7, 2005 – MacMice, a divison of DVForge,
Inc. announces that it will be showing its new The Ball Bluetooth
wireless trackball at its booth #1017 at Macworld Conference & Expo,
January 11-14, 2005.

“As a pioneer in Bluetooth wireless input devices, we have been looking
at the idea of a Bluetooth wireless trackball for almost two-years.
But, we wanted to bring this idea to market in a product that didn’t
simply add wireless capability to the same old trackball concept that
our competitors have been marketing,” said DVForge, Inc. CEO Jack
Campbell. “Trackballs have been a slow-selling niche product, despite
some great benefits of the basic idea. Existing trackballs are huge,
complex devices that most buyers choose to not use. The Ball challenges
the status quo by being small, elegant, simple, and appealing to an
entirely new group of potential buyers.”

The Ball follows the same clear over white acrylic design theme as
MacMice’s existing USB and Bluetooth mice. It includes a top surface
that works as two separate buttons, a scroll wheel, and a scroll
switch. All three buttons and the scroll wheel are fully configurable
under MacMice’s newly released MouseCommand v11.0 driver software for
Apple OS X, which is a free download from the web site.

The Ball will be displayed and demonstrated at the MacMice booth at the
Macworld Expo, uses two included AAA rechargeable batteries, includes a
USB powered charging cradle, also in a clear acrylic over white
enclosure, includes three swappable balls (gray, blue and red), and
will begin shipping in March at a MSRP of $89.99.

Tennessee-based DVForge, Inc. is one of today’s fastest growing
consumer technology companies, specializing in high-style,
high-function products in the computer, audio, pro music, and
performance software product sectors. It develops, sells and supports
industry-leading consumer technology products under a variety of market
specific brands, including MacMice, ProSticks, PodBuddy, JamPlug, and
others to launch in the near future.

DVForge, Inc. – MacMice Division
130 Volunteer Drive, Hendersonville TN 37075

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