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Font Pilot 1.5

Font Pilot 1.5

Koingo Software is proud to announce the brand new release of Font Pilot
1.5! This version includes NUMEROUS new features and improved font handling.
Please check out the long list of improvements below!

Font Pilot is a font management system which allows you to install, view,
analyze, deactivate and print your fonts! It’ll even tell you which key
combinations make special characters! Font Pilot sells for US$15.95 as
shareware on a 15 day trial.

Grab the latest version today at:

Fore more information…

* IMPORTANT: If your license code is invalid, please obtain a
FREE new one
by following the instructions at our new online customers-only area:
* New Feature: Use Fast Font Drawing (use speedy instead of
pretty mode to
display fonts in the list)
* New Feature: Plain Style view mode (only displays font name
in the list,
not also in its own font)
* New Feature: Check for Updates on launch.
* New Feature: Install Font
* New Feature: Preview Fonts
* New Feature: Refresh Font List
* New Feature: Use Fast Font Drawing
* New Feature: Begin typing a font name in the list to select
it (versus
the clunky search option)
* New Feature: Rename Fonts (based on their activated font name)
* New Feature: Deactivate a font.
* New Feature: Reveal a font in the Finder.
* New Feature: Force refresh the font list.
* New Feature: Font Date created/modified date.
* New Feature: New Window manager.
* New Feature: Browse by font collection
(System/Computer/User/Classic) on
Mac OS X.
* New Feature: Now shows not only the font families, but also the
individual files and fonts themselves which make up those font families…
this is what allows you to properly activate/deactivate/preview/reveal in
finder, etc!
* Bug Fix: Check for Updates now works again.

Koingo Software

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