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Picture Address Book 6.0

Today Apimac has released Picture Address Book 6.0 English version for both
Mac OS X and Mac Classic.

Apimac is proud to announce Picture Address Book 6.0, the latest release of
its telephone and address application, fully integrated with Internet and
Mac OS X. Picture Address Book 6.0 is a significant revision of the
application that introduces several new features. It sports a renovated
interface where the most significant change is the introduction of a
resizable Groups List and a Cards List columns, and a Index drawer. The
Cards List column can hold a picture for each contact, useful for finding
people in an easier, faster, and more intuitive way. Needless to say, users
can still search for contacts by keywords (against the whole database or
the selected group). By popular demand, now Picture Address Book allows a
contact to be assigned to multiple groups, which means easier syncs and
improved compatibility with Apple’s Mac OS X Address Book. Also new is the
introduction of a Recurrences Note field and a File Preview pane (where
attached files can be previewed), the reintroduction of the Windows menu,
and enhancements in the Labels Printing Style. For installed copies of
earlier 5.6 through 5.9.1 versions, the upgrade is automatically handled.
Picture Address Book 6.0 is available immediately for download and is free
of charge for customers who purchased Apimac Address Book on or after June
1, 2004.

Picture Address Book is a practical telephone and address application with
extended printing capacities that allows users to manage addresses, phone
numbers (via modem or by playing touch-tones to the phone), URLs, and
e-mail addresses, quickly and easily. All this information, previously
scattered on notes, notepads, diaries, phone books, and also in various
e-mail programs, Internet browsers and databases, is now stored in a single
place. With its innovative Search by Picture feature, Picture Address Book
let’s you quickly and easily find what you are looking for. Picture Address
Book is closely connected with Internet, allowing users to visit Web pages
and send e-mails with a single click, using their favorite e-mail and
browser software. Also, it is fully integrated with Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther)
and keeps contact data synchronized with Mac OS X Address Book database,
enabling any other compatible application to retrieve contacts info.
Besides, Picture Address Book sports an extensive collection of printing
formats, as it comes with five standard Printing Styles, which are fully
customizable as well.

For additional info, including some screen captures of the main program
window, please see (

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