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Business Card Composer 3.0


Odessa, Ukraine – December 21st, 2004 – BeLight Software announces Business
Card Composer 3.0, a new version of this do-it-yourself business card tool,
to be released in January, 2005. The package is a complete boxed solution
containing the software, 2 CDs with 23.000 clipart images and the
Premium-quality Avery paper for 100 business cards. Everyone who buys the
current version of Composer from December 21st to January 21st, will
receive the 3.0 box immediately after release and save on shipping:

“To create a professional-looking business card you need to have tons of
images to choose from. To print them you need to have card stock. To enjoy
this process you need to have a neat tool. That’s why the 3.0 version
contains heaps of images, free paper stock, new image and text editing
tools, and improved printing. As a result, you get a powerful yet
easy-to-use solution to produce your perfect business cards!” – says Pavel
Skurtul, BeLight Software VP of Development.

What’s New in Business Card Composer Version 3:
-23.000+ clipart images and photos.
-500+ profession-oriented designs.
-More than 100 masks for the images, plus custom masks.
-Free Paper for 100 Premium-quality Avery Clean-Edge business cards.
and much more.

About Business Card Composer:
Business Card Composer is the award-winning Mac OS X tool to create and
print out business and hobby related cards, calling cards and badges. The
app is easy to use, elegant and powerful. Composer integrates with Apple
Address Book and iPhoto. Read more:

About BeLight Software:
BeLight Software was founded in January 2003 by a team of very different
people in Odessa, Ukraine. The common goal is to provide Macintosh
community with smart Mac OS X applications, combining the newest computer
abilities and simplicity of use. The product line includes the
award-winning Business Card Composer and Mail Factory for small businesses
and home users.

For more information visit BeLight Software at:

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