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Belkin to unveil TuneStage Bluetooth stereo solution

iPodlounge reports that Belkin plans to introduce a Bluetooth stereo solution for the iPod next month. The new product, called TuneStage, “will consist of two components–a receiver and a transmitter–which will connect any iPod via wireless Bluetooth link to any stereo system. The receiver will connect to a stereo via 3.5-inch minijack or RCA left and right ports, and Belkin is currently considering whether to additionally include an optical TOSLink output on the final product. TuneStage’s transmitter will attach to the top of the iPod, enabling it to wirelessly broadcast audio to the receiver and act like a ‘remote control’ for the playback of iPod audio.” TuneStage will be shown at CES in Las Vegas and at Macworld Expo in San Francisco next month.

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