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Telestream Flip4Mac Brings Windows Media Encoding to the Mac

Telestream Flip4Mac Brings Windows Media Encoding to the Mac

Available now – Industry’s first component to enable QuickTime-based
applications to export Windows Media files

Nevada City, Calif., December 6, 2004 – Telestream, the world’s leading
provider of universal media encoding solutions, today announced
availability of its Flip4Mac Windows Media Export Component for Apple’s Mac
OS X platform. The Flip4Mac Export Component is the first product to
provide encoding in Microsoft Windows Media 9 Series SD and HD on the
Macintosh. It is the premier product in a series of major new digital media
tools for the Mac to be offered by Telestream for immediate worldwide
purchase at Prices start under US$100.

“Mac users have long lacked a good way to get to the Windows Media format
from their video authoring tools,” said Ben Waggoner, compression expert
and principal of Interframe Media. “Telestream’s Flip4Mac finally makes it
possible for any app supporting QuickTime Export components to make a
Windows Media file on the Mac. Export capabilities include the latest
technologies like Windows Media 9 Series HD and 2-pass encoding.”

Telestream’s Flip4Mac Export Component allows the large base of Mac users
to conveniently select Windows Media 9 Series from the list of available
formats in the Export function of QuickTime-based applications running on
Mac OS X v10.3 or later. These applications include Final Cut Pro HD,
iMovie, QuickTime Player, Discreet Cleaner, and more. Also, Flip4Mac will
be supported in an upcoming release of the Sorenson Media Squeeze 4
Compression Suite Macintosh version.

Two versions of the Flip4Mac Windows Media WMV Export Component are now
available from Telestream: the Standard version supports
standard-definition resolutions, single-pass encoding, and stereo audio for
US$99. The Pro/HD version adds support for high definition, two-pass
encoding, and 5.1 channel audio for US$179.

Until now, creating files in Windows Media has not been easy for Mac users.
It has required a multi-step, multi-system process: exporting the file,
moving it to a PC, and then encoding it into Windows Media using another
software application. By exporting and encoding right on the Mac, users
save time and the hassle of working with multiple systems and software
packages, while maintaining control of the entire process on their primary

“Telestream’s innovative solution now enables the large base of Mac users
in the content creation world to create files using Windows Media directly
on their own platform,” said Steve Sklepowich, group manager in the Windows
Digital Media Division at Microsoft Corp. “Telestream has a history of
providing industry-leading solutions for media workflows that require
encoding, and its new solution will have broad market appeal.”

Telestream recognizes the unique strengths of two industry leaders with its
Flip4Mac offerings.

Apple’s QuickTime-based applications have established themselves as the
leaders in professional video editing, motion graphics, and DVD authoring.
Microsoft Windows Media 9 Series is gaining widespread adoption due to its
ability to deliver high-quality and compression efficient content, in
addition to its use for Web publishing and DVD production. Telestream
bridges this important gap for professional users with Flip4Mac.

The Flip4Mac SD and Pro/HD Windows Media Export Components are being
demonstrated at DV Expo West in Telestream Booth 645, December 8-10, 2004
at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California. The
product is available for immediate worldwide online purchase and download

About Flip4Mac (

Exporting and importing media in the formats you require shouldn’t be a
hassle. Telestream’s new flip4mac digital media tools for the Macintosh
make it easy. Since its beginning in 1998, Telestream, the company that
pioneered high-quality media exchange over IP networks, has recognized the
vital need for seamless access to media in any format across any network –
in a way that is transparent to any user’s workflow. With the new flip4mac
digital media tools for the Macintosh, Telestream leverages its expertise
in media encoding, transcoding and digital workflows to enable an
all-Macintosh workflow for media professionals.

About Telestream (

Telestream products have set the standard with the world’s leading media
and entertainment companies, corporations and government institutions for
the encoding, organizing and delivery of digital media. Customers rely on
Telestream products for convenient, cost-effective, and robust digital
media access and exchange over IP networks. Telestream’s automation
applications and smart media organization solutions streamline workflows
for broadcasters and media companies, as well as content owners and content
creators in government, higher education and corporate markets. Telestream
and its team of video experts are located in Nevada City, the “video
valley” region of Northern California. The company is privately held.

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