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iMovie Lens Filter released

iMovie Lens Filter released

Zurich, Switzerland — December 6th, 2004 — cf/x have released ‘Lens
Filter’, an advanced iMovie plug-in that emulates a large variety of camera
lens filters. This easy-to-use, yet versatile and exceptionally flexible
plug-in lets the user create your own lens filters quickly, and apply their
effects after the footage has been shot.

Usages for Lens Filter include improving color and/or touching up footage,
balancing color, and creating color themes for footage. The built-in tools
allow the user to quickly create of over a million different filters, and
support the import or pictures that can be used as additional filters.

cf/x’s website can be visited at – from there
you can download all their plug-ins, Lens Filter included. Their plug-ins
are typically priced between USD 1.50 and USD 5.50. Many plugs-ins are free,
and all plug-ins can be downloaded for free trials. Each plug-in can be
purchased individually.

About cf/x
cf/x is a company based in Zurich, Switzerland. They specialize in digital
arts and effects, and provide art and design services for customers around
the world.

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