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Formac introduces dual-layer 16X DVD burner

Formac introduces dual-layer 16X DVD burner

Devideon(tm) 16x DL featuring 16X DVD burning speeds and dual-layer
technology with up to 8.5GB data capacity for $199.

BERKELEY, CA – November 16th 2004 – Formac Electronic Inc., a leading
manufacturer of performance enhancing peripherals and advanced
visualization solutions, today announced its next generation DVD burner,
Devideon(tm) 16x DL. The new drive features the latest DVD/CD combination
drive with speeds of up to 16X for DVD-R and DVD+R media. The Devideon(tm)
16x DL also takes advantage of a new dual-layer technology, allowing
Macintosh users to store up to 8.5GB* of data or video on one single media.
Bundled with Formac’s proprietary DVD authoring software the new
Devideon(tm) 16x DL provides a complete and easy-to-use solution to create
professional looking DVDs. The FireWire drive is compatible with Macintosh
running OSX.

“The introduction of the new Devideon brings a promising new DVD technology
to the Apple Macintosh.” said Robert Altmann, Director of Business
Development at Formac Inc. “Besides the tremendous increase in burning
speeds, the drive incorporates a new dual-layer technology that almost
doubles the data capacity possible with previous generation drives.”

Formac’s Devideon(tm) 16x DL supports multiple formats, including DVD-R/RW,
DVD+R/RW and CD-R/RW. Burning speeds are 16x/4x/12x (Write/Rewrite/Read)
for both DVD formats, and 4X for the second layer (DVD+R). This translates
into approximately 6 minutes for burning a full 4.7 GB DVD, and
approximately 25 minutes for a dual-layer DVD. CD-R/RW reading and burning
times are at 32x/24x/40x (Write/Rewrite/Read).

To ensure optimum recording performance the Devideon(tm) 16x DL
incorporates a special control system, allowing precise recording even if
the surface of the disc is warped or slightly irregular. Additionally, the
drive’s operating noise has been reduced up to 75 percent compared to
previous models, making playback practically silent.

Like its predecessor, the Devideon(tm) comes bundled with Formac’s
proprietary DVD authoring software. Version 2.6.3 supports the maximum
burning speeds of the new drive and provides popular features like
chaptering and the creation of menus. The intuitive interface allows users
to get started with burning professional looking DVDs in just minutes. The
authoring software allows encoding of video with up to 9.8 Mbit/s, and
supports the DVD as well as Super Video CD format.

Pricing and Availability
Formac’s Devideon(tm) 16x DL line is available now through Shop Formac!
( for an estimated retail price of U.S. $199.

About Formac Electronic Inc.
Formac is a leading provider of performance enhancing peripherals and
advanced display solutions for the creative professional working in the
multimedia, desktop publishing, or digital imaging environment. The
company offers an award-winning line of products in the areas of video
capture, storage, and display technology for Macintosh and PC computers.
Founded 1987 in Berlin, Germany, Formac has plants in the UK, France and
the US. The headquarter for US and Canada is located in Berkeley,
California. For more information visit Formac at

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