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‘Incredibles’ buzz sends Pixar stock to record high

Pixar’s stock rose to an all-time high on Friday, lifted by expectations for the success for its latest computer-animated film, “The Incredibles.” Shares in Pixar rose 4.54 percent to $84.53 in afternoon trading. “While Wall Street has high hopes, analysts believe ‘The Incredibles’ is unlikely to reach levels of another Pixar hit, ‘Finding Nemo,’ which cleared about $865 million at the Box Office,” reports Reuters. “Pixar, which is chaired and majority-owned by Apple’s Steve Jobs, held premiers of ‘The Incredibles’ for Wall Street earlier this week. That, combined with favorable reviews in national publications such as the New York Times, is also helping lift the shares, said Jefferies analyst Robert Routh. He expects the film to bring in about $610 million worldwide.”

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