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Mac OS X ‘world’s safest computing environment’

In “the most comprehensive study it has ever undertaken,” the mi2g Intelligence Unit found that the world’s safest and most secure 24/7 online computing environment (operating system and applications) to be the Open Source platform of BSD and Mac OS X. “The study was conducted over 12 months, the London-based analyst firm said in a statement. The last 12 months have witnessed the deadliest yearly period in terms of malware — viruses, worms and trojans — proliferation targeting Windows-based machines, in which over 200 countries and tens of millions of computers worldwide have been infected. The mi2g Intelligence Unit said its study analysed 235,907 successful digital breaches against permanently connected — online 24/7 (24 hours a day, seven days a week) — computers across the globe, covering a wide variety of entities.” 

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