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iVideo 2.5

Waterfall Software Releases iVideo 2.5
Vancouver, B.C. — 10/26/04

Waterfall Software today announced the release of iVideo version 2.5 –
a significant update to it’s easy to use movie organizing utility.
iVideo organizes and plays digital movie files the same way iPhoto
organizes and views photos.

iVideo 2.5 adds numerous features and fixes; most notably a feature
called “Sharing” which allows you to seamlessly share movies across a
local network. Once enabled, shared playlists automatically appear in
iVideo on other Macs within a network. iVideo 2.5 also allows multiple
library support, three types of libraries to choose from, a live
searching feature, and more.

iVideo 2.5 requires Mac OS 10.2 or higher and can be purchased for only
$19.95. A free trial of iVideo is available at:

Once registered, you are allowed to have more than 10 movies in an
iVideo database, and other features previously disabled become enabled.
You can purchase your own registration license at:

Want to try more of Waterfall Software’s products? Visit our website at

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