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AP: ‘New IMac G5 Short on Extras’

Technology writer Matthew Fordahl of The Associated Press has now weighed in with his review of Apple’s new iMac G5. While Fordahl likes the esthetics of the new desktop, he is entirely unimpressed with what Apple choose to include with the machine. “Though Apple uses its most capable processor ever, it skimps on memory and other extras. Out of the box, a new iMac is an incomplete masterpiece,” he says. Some of the items he takes issue with include: only 256MB RAM, no included Wi-Fi card, and no built-in BlueTooth with wireless keyboard and mouse. “Only after it’s fully accessorized — and unsightly cords have been replaced by wireless connections — does the iMac G5 fulfill its promise of an uncluttered, zippy 21st century computer object d’art. And it’s something to behold,” writes Fordahl.

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