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TitanTV integration with AlchemyTV DVR 2.2

For immediate release

Miglia Technology announces TitanTV integration with AlchemyTV DVR 2.2

To download the free upgrade, please go to:

London, UK, 17 September 2004 – Miglia Technology, a global technology
solution provider that manufactures, markets and supports a range of own
and licensed branded products, has today announced the availability of a
free-of-charge software update for AlchemyTV DVR, that includes the much
requested TitanTV integration for US customers.

AlchemyTV DVR now integrates Decisionmark’s TitanTV EPG (Electronic Program
Guide) directly into the program. Decisionmark is the leading online EPG
technology provider in the USA, offering the most complete guide to what’s
on TV in a particular location. Decisionmark’s TitanTV EPG makes it easy to
find TV shows and schedule them for recording or viewing with a single

Eric Ferraz, Product Marketing Director, Miglia Technology, commented:
“TitanTV integration was requested by many of our US customers and they
will be delighted to see EPG coming to AlchemyTV DVR. Combining iCal,
QuickTime and TitanTV support makes it a must-have product for all PowerMac

Using its scheduled recording functionality, AlchemyTV DVR can schedule as
many recordings as required. Time, date, channel, and video format are all
fully configurable, giving an extensive control over recordings. The
capture size is fully user selectable, ranging from quarter size to full
screen mode, depending on the speed of your processor.

For a full list of AlchemyTV DVR features, please go to:

For a full list of TitanTV features, please go to:

About the AlchemyTV DVR
Watch and record TV on your PowerMac with AlchemyTV DVR!

Schedule your recordings in a few easy steps with TitanTV or iCal, store
them on your hard drive or burn them to VCD or DVD. Thanks to its tight
integration with QuickTime, AlchemyTV DVR gives you a full range of capture

AlchemyTV DVR delivers a clean and sharp picture, ideal for full size TV
viewing and video capture.

Best of all, DVR is supplied complete with remote control for maximum
viewing pleasure!


-PowerMac G4 or G5 with free PCI slot
-PowerPC G4/400 processor and higher
-256 MB of RAM
-Mac OS X 10.2.8 and higher

Pricing and availability
The AlchemyTV DVR is available now, from Miglia’s distribution partners,
refurb or online store, for a street retail price of =A385, *139, $159 ex
VAT. All units carry a full 2 year RTB warranty. A list of distributors
and resellers is available on Miglia’s website:

For products images and artwork please visit:

About Miglia
Miglia Technology is a global technology solution provider that
manufactures, markets and supports a range of own and licensed branded
products. Miglia benefits from having a strong staff of experienced product
specialists, engineers and marketers who have amassed many combined years
in the industry. Miglia products are available through all fine retailers
and resellers around the world. For more information about where to buy our
products please visit

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