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Revolution Dreamcard Released

Brand New Revolution Dreamcard Released

Dreamcard brings software design and programming to the rest of us

Apple Expo, Paris – Tuesday 31st August 2004 – Runtime Revolution today
announced the release of the new Revolution Dreamcard. Dreamcard is
ideal for educators, students, hobbyists, user interface professionals
and for beginning to intermediate developers. Dreamcard includes a
step by step video learning center and printable PDF library that
makes it possible for anyone who can use a computer, to create their
own software.

Users of Dreamcard can:

* Make multimedia, games and applications

* Learn and teach how a computer really works

* Make professional-looking software – easily!

“Dreamcard is the easy to use heir to HyperCard that everyone has been
waiting for” said Kevin Miller CEO of Runtime Revolution, adding “Even
better,the programs that you create with it can be played back by
anyone on any platform – Windows, Mac OS and Linux.”

With Dreamcard, users lay out the content they require, adding text,
images, buttons and menus. Users can use “cards” to create the
different screens they need and “stacks” to create windows, palettes
windows and dialog boxes. All the basic components are pre-built
making the construction process easy. Then users can use Transcript,
Dreamcard’s built in scripting language, to add real functionality
and interaction. If they need help, they can refer to the Video
library, explore a Sample Project, or copy a Sample Script.

Dreamcard programs can be distributed to anyone with the free Dreamcard
Player. Like Dreamcard, the Dreamcard Player is available for Windows,
Mac OS X and Classic, and Linux. Additionally, Dreamcard comes with an
online sharing feature that allows the user to share their programs
over the Internet. The package includes 10MB of online storage space
out of the box, and the Dreamcard Player can browse and navigate the
full range of programs that have been shared online by other Dreamcard

As a member of the Revolution product family, Dreamcard users can
access many of the features that users have come to expect from
Revolution’s professional development tools. These include native
appearance for programs on any computer, access to a full range of
media formats including QuickTime (movies, VR and streaming media),
popular image and sound formats, point and click database access,
text to speech, and more.

A free trial download of Dreamcard is available now from the companies
web site at The program costs $99 USD or =A367
(excluding any applicable taxes). Dreamcard is ideal for use in
education and educational users receive a 33% on discount single
user pricing. A lab pack for 100 users costs just $200 USD or =A3133,
which equates to just $2 per user.

Dreamcard replaces Revolution Express which has now been discontinued.

Runtime Revolution Ltd.

Founded in 1997, Runtime Revolution focuses on bringing user-centric
development to all major platforms: Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Unix.
Products include Dreamcard, Revolution Studio, Revolution Enterprise,
and Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor. The company is based in Edinburgh,
Scotland. For more information on Runtime Revolution, please visit
the company on the web at

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