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Jobs begins cancer recovery; prognosis excellent

Medical experts and Apple executives are confident that Apple CEO Steve Jobs will recover from his cancer surgery to be back in September better than ever. “The surgery was hugely successful, and the prognosis is excellent,” Bill Campbell, an Apple director said. “We feel very relieved and optimistic about the future.” The rare type of Pancreatic cancer that Jobs was treated for is among the most curable, according to doctors. As Jobs told his employees, islet cell neuroendocrine tumors represent only a small percentage of the total cases of pancreatic cancer diagnosed each year in the U.S. “These tumors tend to be less malignant,” said Dr. Jeffrey Norton, a specialist in gastrointestinal oncology and pancreas surgery at Stanford University Medical Center. “If you remove all of the tumor, there is a high probability the patient is cured.” Norton said only about 48 of the estimated 30,000 cases of pancreatic cancer in the U.S. each year are this less lethal form.

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