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Vancouver, BC, July 30, 2004 — Mireth Technology Corp. has released
version 5.5 of ShredIt X, its computer privacy software that shreds
instead of deletes data so it can’t be recovered. Version 5.5 adds
CDRW shredding.

As new medias evolve, so does ShredIt

With this new version, ShredIt X now shreds CDRWs in addition to
shredding files, folders, disk free space, hard drives and external
hard drives. =93I was shipping a business card layout to the printer
using a used CDRW when I realized that I had no idea whether the
previous data on the CDRW was confidential and was it recoverable,
said Donna Johnson, President of Mireth Technology. =93We’d either have
to restrict CDRW use to strictly in-house, restrict CDRW use to
non-confidential data, or find a way to shred CDRWs before they were
re-used. Our solution was to add CDRW shredding to ShredIt X.”

The need for ShredIt

Because throwing data in the computer trash does not remove the file
contents from the hard drive, the data can be recovered by someone
else. Users who need to dispose of confidential data on an ongoing
basis appreciate how easy ShredIt is to use – just drag the file on
to the ShredIt icon and ShredIt will securely delete the data so it
can=92t be recovered. Users who want to erase the contents of a hard
drive before disposing of a computer can be confident that using
ShredIt as directed will accomplish the job. And there=92s a ShredIt
version for every Macintosh and every Windows computer.

Pricing and Availability

ShredIt X for Mac OS X is available for immediate download, or on CD,
starting at $19.95. Registered users of previous versions of ShredIt
X can upgrade for free. Educational pricing and volume discounts are
available. ShredIt is also available for Mac OS7, OS8, OS9 and for
Windows. For more information, visit

About Mireth Technology Corp.

Founded in 1991, Mireth Technology Corp. ( produces
easy-to-use and cost effective Macintosh software, including ShredIt,
NetShred, iVCD, MacMP3CD, and MacVCD, the best selling Macintosh VCD
playing software in the world. Mireth is well-known in the industry
for providing robust, well-tested products and outstanding customer
support. A Vancouver based corporation, Mireth Technology produces
=93The right software for the job.=94(TM)

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