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NetMinder Ethernet 5.1

This is just a quick note to let you know that we have made a free
update available to NetMinder Ethernet, our powerful network analyzer
software for the Macintosh.

NetMinder Ethernet captures and decodes packet data as it moves
through the network, quickly pinpointing and alerting you to security
issues and network problems that could otherwise take hours or even
days to resolve.

This update features the following optimizations: * Fixes printing
and dialog boxes for Jaguar compatibility * Incorporates new and
enhanced decodes (mDNS, ASIP, iChat, etc.) * Adds significantly
faster protocol analysis windows * Includes Bandwidth Hogs and
BugBear Packet Inference rules

The NetMinder Ethernet 5.1 update is now available for free to
maintenance contract owners.

To get the update, visit:

People who wish to try the software can visit:

Upgrades from older versions start at $199. NetMinder Ethernet 5.1 is
available for US$795 from, by calling us at +1
925-283-9771 or from your favorite reseller.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Sharon Doi
Marketing Director
Neon Software Inc.
Phone: 925-283-9771 x520

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