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Web Crossing ships new Register Plus plug-in


— Now Sites Can Apply TOS Agreement, COPPA-compliant Age Checking and
Custom Registration Fields in Mere Minutes —

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., April 8, 2004 — Web Crossing, Inc. today
announced a new Register Plus plug-in, now making it easy for systems
to implement a Terms of Service (TOS) agreement, Age Checking and
five new custom registration fields. Free for a limited time, any Web
Crossing installation can implement the new Register Plus plug-in
through the sysop control panel and install in a few clicks.

“Web Crossing’s plug-in architecture allows the administrator to
quickly extend the system without programming,” said Tim Lundeen,
president and CEO of Web Crossing, Inc. “Register Plus helps
organizations implement their own site registration models in a few
button clicks. The ease of implementation means the team can
concentrate on the content and policy issues involved.”

The new Register Plus plug-in provides an option for obtaining
agreement with the Terms of Service before a user’s registration is
processed. Register Plus can automatically prevent duplicate email
addresses from registering, ensuring easy setup of email lists, which
require unique email addresses. Register Plus also provides an option
to notify the administrator when a new user registers.

A new Age Check option makes it easy for a site to comply with the
Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). People who do not
pass the Age Check are automatically prevented from immediate
re-entry and receive additional instructions. Administrators can
easily customize Age Check failure instructions to meet their
organization’s policy requirements.

Register Plus also comes with Custom Registration fields allowing
administrators to include up to five fields of custom designation.
Set as optional or required, the admin can include the contents in
the user’s profile, allow users to change their answers inside the
User Preference or only allow the administrator to edit the contents.
Text labels for all custom registration fields can be localized.

Available immediately, the Register Plus plug-in is compatible with
all Web Crossing and Web Crossing Express setups. Additional
information and the Register Plus plug-in can be found at

About Web Crossing, Inc.
Privately held, Web Crossing, Inc. is a leader in collaboration
tools, committed to providing high-quality software and related
services at a fair price. Award-winning Web Crossing is a scalable,
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respectively. Web Crossing Express is a free package, offering superb
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licensed or ASP, all Web Crossing software is easily customizable and
highly extensible without programming. Further information on can be
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