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End If Informator 1.8 for Mac OSX, the professional IPTC editor

End If Software releases End If Informator 1.8 for Mac OSX, the
professional IPTC editor

1. Message
2. Download link
3. What is End If Informator
4. Target group
5. New features / Bugfixes
6. Pricing & availability
7. System requirements
8. Related products
9. Contact information

1. Message

Bielefeld, Germany, July 27th, 2004
End If Software announced today the release of Informator Pro 1.8, a
very simple, fast and comfortable way to edit IPTC metadata.
Informator works like a “Get info” replacement for the Finder and
allows editing of IPTC data directly in the Finder. In addition,
Informator Pro provides a lot of advanced editing tools, like
customizable pop up menus, adjustable templates and variables like
“current date and time”. A huge preview section and the possibility
to zoom into images makes evaluation during the editing process easy.

Ralf Sander, company president, states: “InformatorPro makes IPTC
editing faster and more comfortable than ever. Simply select an image
file in the Finder and enter your text. That’s it. No opening, no
dialog, no saving, no application switching.”

More information:

2. Download link

3. Target group

Photographers and other IPTC editors, Mac users, who want to store
meta data into their image files.

4. New features / Bugfixes

ENHANCEMENT: New slideshow / presenter area.
– It is now possible to zoom into Images and PDFs,
– Text and rtf documents can be edited.
– The information window can be left open in slideshow mode, so the
user has access to all editing functions
– Minor bugfixes

5. Pricing & availability

Fully functional versions of Informator Pro are available for
downloading at End If Software’s website at:

Download size is 4.1 MB

Licenses cost US$ 75 / 65* per user. Volume licenses are available.

6. System requirements

Mac OS X 10.2 or higher
20 MB available hard disc space

7. Related products

– Informator, the better “Finder Get Info”

Download link:
More information:

– Informator Pro Movie, the comfortable Quicktime movie annotations editor

Download link:
More information:

8. Contact information

End If Support Team
End If Software
Eckendorfer Str. 109
D-33609 Bielefeld

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